It’s crazy.

We all love to spend money, but we’re too lazy to manage finances. Busy hanging out with friends, work and spending too much time on non-productive stuff. But we all know that moment, when we missed something fun due to spending too much.

And honestly, managing your money in private notes or Excel to have a better overview?
We’ve got something better.

Stop calculating. Start living.

Seriously. When was the last time you checked your bank balance? This morning when you grabbed that premium coffee? But what does the number on your bank statement really say? Not much.

Minimize your worries, know how much you can safely spend.

Control your finances

Keep track of your planned costs at 1 single place.

Safe to spend

Know how much you can spend safely. Always and everywhere.

Total balance – planned costs = safe to spend


We know you’re saving for good reasons. So be proud of it. We help you to reach these goals easier and faster. Even without thinking about it.

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