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Why Budgently?

It all started off as a side-project. Danny, 19 years old at the time, had a strong personal need for a full financial overview in order to make better everyday financial decisions. His bank balance didnt give him the full picture at all. So he built an app that solved that problem. It was a success. Convinced that his problem was shared by many others, Danny went on to assemble a great team to build an even better app and Budgently is the result of that.

How does it work?

Our app calculates how much money you can safely spend. And will stimulate you to enhance your financial situation and reach your goals, whatever these are. Effortlessly, smoothly, seamless.

How secure is the app and my data?

Security of your data and protection of your privacy is fundamental to Budgently. We will only use your data in a way you feel comfortable with and approve, and will also guard it using the highest standards of data protection, employing multi level security systems.

Do I have to pay for Budgently?

No. Our mission is to help you spend more money on things you love. Off course if you want to pay us, you can 😉

So, how is Budgently paying its bills?

At the moment were putting in our own money to build our app, as well as using funds we received from the Startupbootcamp Fintech & Cybersecurity Accelerator program and the City of The Hague Impact Economy fund. We are also engaging other partners, that share our mission, for support.

I already have a bank account, can I use Budgently?

Off course! We’re not a bank. We’re an independent mobile app to help you spend money wisely. You can simply connect your current bank account to the app.

At first, Budgently will only be available in the Netherlands. If you want to know when we launch sign up at We will add you to the waiting list and invite you to download our first open Bta version of the app when it becomes available.

When is the launch of Budgently?

We’re are currently testing a closed Bta version of our iOS and Android app. Sign up on our waiting list and be the first to get to use it!


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